vscode + bitbucket

first step to clone from bitbucket – take the URL (i have option from ssh or https)
i take ssh-

now in vs code write git clone + the URL

if i get error of permission access denied
i need to follow this link

basically it’s said
create private key that will be in username/.ssh folder
and create public key that i copy and paste in bitbucket site (add key)
after that i finish i need to

hit clone again (using https !!!!) and every commit and push that i do in vs code will upload the changes to my repository

another option (less prefer):

clone from bitbucket using https (and not ssh)

then make changes in vs code

and in the project folder that i am working on to run 3 commands :

git add .
git commit -m ‘reinitialized files’
git push origin master –force

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Protected: Angular 5

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Basic configuration for runing web api and sql server

set simple web api without EF

sikum ombraco 2 youtube

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Basic configuration for runing node.js and mysql

i use xamp

1)first create database shavedb

2)create tables (as specify in queries)

3)in xamp the default access to phpmyadmin username: root password: empty

4)copy the code to server.js and put the file in folder for your app, before runing this file by node server.js
run :
npm install express

npm install mysql

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How to create web app using cordova

cretae new folder where your app will create and open cmd there
assum is there C:\Users\a1_sh\Desktop\b-app\mobile
run :
1)npm install -g cordova
2)cordova create C:\Users\a1_sh\Desktop\b-app\mobile
3)cordova platform add android

copy all files(your project) to www folder
go to www folder and run cordova build android from cmd
after he finish you will see the path where he create the apk file

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How to create apk using angular 5 + cordova

1)install cordova cli explain
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My landing page

landing page

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