My c# app for windows that has an interaction with facebook

This is Project rolls meaning that this is first phase, if you want to see the final result go here 


there are 2 features :
1-The first feature is responsible to find the 3 friends that the user has the largest number of interactions with. The user chooses the interactions from a list of 5 parameters. Each parameter is function that will be invoked.
a. number of taggs of the user, in a certain friends photos.
b. number of posts of a certain friend on the user’s wall.
c. number of likes of a certain friend to the users photos.
d. number of comments of a certain friend on the users wall posts
e. number of comments of a certain friend on the user’s photos.
After choosing the parameters from the list, and clicking on “calculate”, the program will calculate the interactions of the user with all of his friends and find the 3 most interacted friends.

2-The second feature is responsible to create a power point presentation from the photos the user is tagged in his friends albums. when the user logs in, the program finds all the photos of his friends, in which the user is tagged. It will display to the user the photos, and the user will choose from which photos he wants to create the presentation.
By clicking “save and create ppt file”, the user will download the photos to a specific folder that he choose in his computer, and the program will generate a ppt file from the photos and save the ppt file in the same location where he saved the photos.

the video that explain : (it’s in hebrew)

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