How to publish your hybrid app in google play using phonegap

There are several steps you need to perform :

1)create apk file
2)create storekey and attach him to your app(storekey allows your application to be published)
3)publish on google store

1)make from your app (must to contain index.html) zip file . put him in phonegap (the address and you be able to download the apk to your computer or smrtphone . in that stage you still can’t publish your app because you not create storkey.
* – you can create one for free , or if you share your code on github you can create more – but it must be on your account on github on public repository , And of course there is a fee Track.
*-Be aware that there are problems when the zip file is not in English
* – Another thing, the screen of your smrtphone\tablet will adjust to the application you must write

<meta name="viewport" content="initial-scale=1,
width=device-width, user-scalable=no">

(the user-scalable=no mean You can not zoom using pinch.)
2)how to create storekey using command line :

a)first we set Environment variable for the convenience, right-click on my computer and propoties > advanced system setting > Environment variables > look for “path” and press double click on his row , in the end of the row add
; C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin

b)open command line and write (don’t copy-past wirte it Manual)
Keytool –genkey –v –keystore bbb.keystore –alias bbbkey –keyalg RSA –validity 10000
Then the creative process begins, first it ask you to create password, My recommendation to write the default :
“changeit” , after that it will ask you more details just fill What you want , in the end he ask you if you want set the key password as the password of storekey if yes press enter , dont press enter write again the password “changeit” .After that you will get a message that the key is saved and you ca find him at c:\users\TheUserOfYourComputer

c)the bbb.keystore is the name of your file that was saved , We must keep it for the future.
the alias bbbkey It is important to remember because the phonegap will ask for this when we insert the storekey.

d)we go again to > and go to “edit accont” > and then to “signing key” > we press on add in the android > choose the location of the were we save it + the alias we set before + title that can be everything
after this creation we see the new key with Lock Close we need to press on him and enter the password “changeit”.

e)now we can back to our app in the and in the android section we choose the title of the key we set . after that it will rebuild Automatic, and if everything is good the apk will be with color blue .

f)download the new apk file
3)go to
create new app (if you not still developr it wil cost you 25 Dollar)
Put all the information needed also the apk file and After several hours google will publish your app to there store.
if you get error message during the upload the apk “You need to use a different package name because “com.phonegap.www” already exists in Google Play”, solution ->
click on your app, go to Settings tab, scroll down to Configuration and check what your package name is
if it’s blank write new package (like this com.yourCompanyName.yourAppName).

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