Source tree avoid problems when first install

when install this software(it’s gui tool to work with git or bitbucket) the wizard start and he ask you to enter the detail of your account in one of git or bitbucket, fill them !!

after that he ask you if you want to make your first clone then you can skip it.

when the software start go to..

tools -> option and in the general tab you need to fill the

“Full Name” and “Email address” of your source tree account

the git and mercurial tabs suppose to be enable, if no it will ask you if you want to enable.

now you can clone.

1)if you have problem you can uninstall and also delete the directory

C:\Users\YOUR USER\AppData\Local\Atlassian

and install again

2)how to put ssh

first you need to create public and private key

tools -> create or imports ssh keys

then click generate

take the key that it’s create for you and past this in your bitbucket account (click on your pic and integrations and then ssh tab -> click on add keys, and past there, you can give any name you want there) .

back to source tree click on save public key and save it in your computer and also click save private key

second we use private key

click tools -> launch ssh agent

now near to the clock find pageant right click on him and then view keys -> now add you private key file

3)make sure you account to bitbucket in https (it’s the default)

that’s it, now you can clone

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