How to create apk using angular 5 + cordova

1)install cordova cli explain

2)create cordova project

3)install platform (if you get error run in the project “cordova platform” you will see all platforms, and then run again install platform

4)now we need to merge the angular project to the cordova project
we run in angular

ng build --prod --base-href .

5)every files that we will get in the dist folder on angular project we copy them to www folder in the cordova project
6)go to www folder and  run cordova build android from cmd
after he finish you will see the path where he create the apk file
during this command i can get couple of errors

  • – for example i miss jdk
    this the version i need 171


  • – i can get that i miss licensee(for java)

i need to run
cd C:\Users\a1_sh\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\tools\bin\
sdkmanager –licenses

i write this tutrial based on mix of these posts


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