vscode + bitbucket

first step to clone from bitbucket – take the URL (i have option from ssh or https)
i take ssh-

now in vs code write git clone + the URL

if i get error of permission access denied
i need to follow this link

basically it’s said
create private key that will be in username/.ssh folder
and create public key that i copy and paste in bitbucket site (add key)
after that i finish i need to

hit clone again (using https !!!!) and every commit and push that i do in vs code will upload the changes to my repository

another option (less prefer):

clone from bitbucket using https (and not ssh)

then make changes in vs code

and in the project folder that i am working on to run 3 commands :

git add .
git commit -m ‘reinitialized files’
git push origin master –force

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